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Gaming Lagoon

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Gaming Lagoon

Gaming Lagoon is one of only a handful incentive based sites that actually provides its 100% FREE MEMBERS with the gifts and rewards promised. Unlike sites that promise to give you a free laptop, IPod, computer, and other similar free items our site is actually achievable. We have obtained enough sponsors so that you can earn your game time from us 100% free without spending a penny out of your pocket. Our offers do not cost you ANYTHING to participate in, and do NOT require you to have a credit card to earn points. Our tests have shown you can earn enough points for free prepaid game time in under 20 minutes in most cases! While there are enough offers to earn everything without a credit card or spending a penny, we have a few sponsors you can pick to signup for that require a credit card but give you enough points typically in one sign-up to qualify for everything you need!.

Gaming Lagoon Offers The Following Prizes For Free:

    Free 2 Months Pre-Paid World of War Craft Memberships
    Free Cookies for Albatross18 in Multiples of 100
    Free 1600 Live Points for xBox Live
    Free 1, 3, and 12 Month xBox Live Gift Cards
    Free xBox Live Headset + Camera Kit
    Free Coins in Multiples of 10 and 50
    Free 2000 Wii Points
    Free Nexon / MapleStory Cash Gift Cards in $10 and $25 Increments
    Free Copy of World of Warcraft / Retail Copy
    Free Copy of World of Warcraft Expansion Set: The burning Crusade
    Free Wii NunChuck Controller
    Free 1 and 3 Month Gift Memberships to
    Free xBox 360 Wireless Headsets and Controllers
    Free Wii Classic Controllers
    Free Wii Play with Wii Remote
    Free Wii HD Component Cable Sets
    Free Xbox 360 64MB Memory Unit
    Free Wii G-Pak Case, Wii Pro Gamer's Case
    Free for Sony Playstation 3: Chill stream Controller, Memory Card Adaptor, Blu-Ray DVD Remote
    Free Copy of Lords of the Rings and Lords of the Rings 60 Day Cards
    20+ Items for Nintendo DS and DS Lite Including the R4

I have seen first hand that this website is legit. I have heard from many gamers who have earned prizes such as the Guitar Hero game/controller, which at the time was valued at over $100. Prizes like this can be earned in a matter of minutes.

You basically click on links and fill out offers on other websites which earns you points on gaming lagoon. (the majority of the offers are free, and prizes can be easily earned from free offers only). These points then add up and can be used to purchase items on the prizes page.

Visit the Gaming Lagoon website, create an account, and begin earning prizes today!

The link is: Gaming Lagoon


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