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Yes you read the title right, the Rock Band bundle for the Xbox 360 will be packaged with wired controllers.

Notice I specifically said the 360 version came with wired controllers? Yes that's right because the ps3 version comes fully equiped with wireless controllers, sorry 360 owners.

The developers of Rock Band say their motive for the choice of wired over wireless for their 360 bundle is for the simple fact of the cost. The wireless chipset was just too expensive, and sales would be damaged due to the higher pricing according to them.

In these sort of games, freedom of movement is essential. Nobody wants to be restricted by cordage while rockin' out.

Whether it provides a small decrease in the price or not, going with corded controllers was a bad move in my opinion. Fans of the genre would have paid the higher cost to get the wireless controllers, and while this lower cost will attract a few more buyers it will also turn away many who don't want to be wired.

I predict we see many more ps3 versions sold than for the 360; and for those gamers who own both a ps3 and a 360, the choice of which console to buy the game for is a no-brainer


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