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Ben Heckendorn has once again cranked out a gaming mod, and this time his target was the original xbox "duke" controller.

The idea behind this mod was to take the "guts" of a wireless xbox 360 controller and put them in the huge body of the original xbox controller. "Why would he do this?" you may be asking. Well quite simply, because he can.

There's no real benefit from this mod, and I can't imagine anybody would actually want to use this giant controller, but it's cool nonetheless.

Here's a couple of pictures that show an over-view of what was done in this mod:

Looks quite normal from the front, except for the added guide button (between/above back and start) and the headset jack at the base. Couldn’t forget that, what’s trash-talking without one?

Back is also fairly normal, except for a small, recessed “sync” button below where the cord used to come out.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    actually my friend wants one his hands are too big for the new 360 controller