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HPD has issued a crime alert after a rash of burglaries at Game Stop video stores. That's because suspects are breaking into Game Stops all over town, from the southeast side to way out west.

11 News aired some surveillance video of a burglary in progress earlier this year. You could see the crook drop in from the ceiling.

He used a crowbar to open the closet and took off with dozens of games and consoles.

Since we first aired the video, there have been at least 18 more burglaries just like it.

Police strongly believe the same suspects wearing masks are responsible for almost all the burglaries.

Why Game Stops?

Just ask your kids and even some adults.

The games are more popular than ever and they are not cheap. That makes for a prime black market for video games.

Several years ago, 11 News tagged along with police as the busted one suspect who had a room full of stolen video games.

He had more than 5,000 games. All were new and he was allegedly selling wholesale and over the Internet.

But this time Game Stop is not going down with out a fight. Store officials said they have re-enforced all their doors and have updated their cameras.

Like HPD, they are hoping to catch some thieves.


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