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Sony seems to have taken the easy way out with its latest PlayStation Portable. You could feel the excitement drain out of last summer's E3 conference after Sony touted TV output atop its amazing new features.

Now we can watch all those games and Universal Media Disc movies scaled onto a giant TV screen.

On the upside, the new PSP comes with double the original 32 megabytes of internal memory, a spacious 1-gigabyte memory card and a slimmer design that shaves off a few ounces.

But it has the same 333 megahertz processor, even tinnier speakers than before. And the continued lack of a right analog control means first-person shooter games are out of the question.

It's not really worth buying the $19.99 cable to hook it up to your TV, unless your set has progressive scan. And I was disappointed with the visuals on my 37-inch HD set, because games weren't in high-def and only filled a small chunk of the screen.


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