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The Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drive has been a big issue for Xbox 360 owners, certain versions of the drives were reportedly making scratches on Xbox 360 discs and Microsoft has admitted that some drives did, but said it was a minor issue.

Lite-On can now make up for it and produce some great drives for the console as it has landed an order from Microsoft to manufacture DVD-ROM drives for the Xbox360. And when Microsoft is ordering, Lite-On threats them well, as it has given top priority to Microsoft's orders in allocating its total production capacity, according to sources from the ODD components industry in Taiwan.

These sources also talk about nearly one million drives that Microsoft has orderded and which it expects to ship due to the coming holiday season when the company will heavily promote the Xbox 360.

And according to Digitimes, the company had to shift capacity which conflicted with Lite-On IT's production of PC-use ODDs



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