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According to Shacknews, the new PS3 firmware version 1.94 will be adding DualShock3 support. Packaged with Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction before it's available for download, the firmware update will allow DualShock3 owners (which is actually no one at the moment) to toggle rumble. By pressing the middle PS3 button, gamers will be able to access controller options—which we're assuming will be added to the list of other options like shutting down the console, controller, etc.

But it's salt in the wound for those of us who won't see the DualShock3 until Spring or the day we decide to drop too much money for it online. Since Sony didn't release firmware 2.0 along with Home at TGS as some of us expected, they need to be more careful with these firmware updates, lest they be driven to the thousandth.


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