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The maker of exploding batteries and expensive entertainment consoles that few wanted, Sony has finally cut the price of its PS3 - sort of.

The firm has released a new version of the PS3 which is only $399 but cannot play PS2 games, lacks a memory card reader and reduces the number of USB ports from four to two. Its hard-drive is shrunk from 60GB to 40GB.

According to Associated Press the machine will still run Blu-ray Disc movies.

It is hoped that the cut down player will attract more attention than the earlier model which was taking a canning from Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

However even at that price and spec, the PS3 is still the most expensive console on the market.

Sony thinks the biggest problem it will have is not playing the PS2 games, however its research discovered that PS3 owners were not using the console to play PS2 games anyway



2 Response for the "PS3 price slashed by a third"

  1. FUNNYMAN says:

    No one uses Blue ray, so why even bother?

  2. Vaughan says:

    Not yet they don't but it is a fairly new technology.