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Don’t get too excited just yet, as there still is no date attached to the PSP’s PlayStation Store, which has seemingly been in the works for years. (Next year is about as good as dates go for it.) But it is coming, and with it will be exclusive games that are being designed for the PSP. Sony is currently at work on seven downloadable PSP games which are basically full retail games. These range from action games to music games to music and a shooter, although none of the titles have been announced at this time. These will be playable via memory stick and should take up somewhere in the neighborhood of one-third to one-half the size of a UMD, which can contain 1.8 GB. The store will be PC-based, so you’ll download games through your PSP and then transfer them by USB or memory stick.

I’m certainly happy to hear this is finally coming to fruition – it’s certainly taking Sony long enough. And in case you’re wondering, there will indeed be PSone games on the PSP Store, some of which will be exclusives.


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