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Hot Pixel is a collection of more than 100 mostly disconnected mini-games, which adds a casual title to the PSP’s generally core lineup.

The games are kind of spastic and weird, blending arcade-style action with an urban sensibility, with little hint as to what’s coming next. The game is broken into 10+ categories, but the titles bear little to no resemblance to what’s inside. Inquiries with Atari did not shed much more light on the category names.

Graphically, Hot Pixel is nothing special. Some of the games look like they were ripped out of arcades from the 1980s, while the “You Lose” and “You Win” seems to be some mix of real people and 2D movements. I don’t think the graphics take away from the gameplay much.

The games range from incredibly boring to incredibly confusing. But even on the games that I did enjoy, the thrill was momentary, because it was over so quickly. Games where you erase on the screen to reveal a pattern or use a remote control on a TV feel more like chores than fun activities. The well-done games were for the most part modern updates to Atari’s classics.

All told, Hot Pixel is a fish out of water; it’s a game that might fit better on the Wii or DS, but it’s angst-ridden vibe might make it a bit too caustic for Nintendo’s audience. For the people who think nonsensical spitfire gameplay is for them, there are 70 more mini-games to download over at the Hot Pixel website.


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