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Nintendo's Wii remote is getting soft.

The wandlike, motion-sensing joystick, which Wii owners use for fishing, golfing, tennis and other video games, will get a custom cushion that the Japanese company hopes will prevent accidents and soften possible blows.

Nintendo is shipping for free rubbery silicone covers for the handheld devices - just in case overly excited players lose control and have the Wii remote fly out of their hands.

The notice about the free Wii jackets has been sent as a message to owners who have their Wii machines connected to the Internet, and a notice is also posted on the company's Web page, company spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said.

Wii remotes going on sale after about Oct. 15 will come with the covers, Nintendo said.

The company has already strengthened the straps for the remotes that go around the wrist to help keep them fixed in players' hands.

It recalled the remotes to exchange the straps in December after people complained they were coming loose, even crashing into TV sets. Officials said the company has not received any reports of bodily injuries from the remote.

Since the Wii went on sale late last year, Nintendo has shipped 9.3 million of the consoles worldwide.



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