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Besides a new Sony PS2, Sony also announced a new color for the slim Sony PSP in Japan - Deep Red.

The Deep Red Sony PSP (PSPJ-20000) will start selling on December 13th for 22,800 yen (~$198). Sony will also offer it in a bundle with the DMB TV tuner (PSPJ-20001) for 29,800 yen (~$260.)

Sony also announces a new battery charger for all Sony PSP consoles. The PSP-330 is going to sell for 3,800 yen (~$33).

Japan has several more color choices for the Sony PSP already: metallic blue, lavender purple, rose pink and felicia blue. Black, silver and white slim PSP consoles are also available in the United States.

If you want one of the Japanese market only PSP consoles, Play-Asia is exporting them.


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