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Baton-Rouge-based digital entertainment company Nerjyzed Entertainment Inc. said it will launch sports video game Black College Football Experience on Nov. 23.

The game will be supported by a 12-week promotional road tour to historically black colleges and universities, classics and homecoming games. Black-owned Nerjyzed describes BCFx as an authentic, action-packed game.


Welcome to the Black College Football experience.

Bring your skills…they will be tested.

Bring your expectations …they will exceeded.

This is the most brutally fun and amazingly accurate football experience out there. Set in the unique and colorful world of Black College Football, BCFx puts you in the spotlight.

Step into the cleats of a player:

Make hard hits and split decisions, as you guide your team through the season. Feel the passion of the fans and the music from the band coarse through your veins as you get closer, yard-by-yard, to the Championship game.

Step into the boots of a drum major:

Halftime offers no respite as you suit up, grip your baton and lead your band of musical maestros through intricate formations as the crowd roars in amazement. It's the Battle of the Bands: Win this and you just might give your team what it needs to prevail in the second half.


Top-Notch Graphics - For the first time ever in a football title, BCFx utilizes the Unreal 3.0 engine for state of the art graphics and animation.

Nerjyzed - There's that time when your senses are heightened. You block out everything, but what matters. You forget your insecurities, your fears and the limits of nature. Run faster. Feel stronger. Smile with fierce determination as you realize the machine you have become. You are Nerjyzed and the crowd is going wild.

Rag Doll Physics - Tackling takes on a new level of brutality and authenticity with the innovative use of rag doll physics.

Interactive Halftime Battle of the Bands - You need a break from that first half, but there's no time to rest. A game is on the line and its up to you to lead the band. You step into the boots of the drum major as the crowd anxiously awaits your high stepping entrance. The routine plays through your mind -the cues, the notes. It's a complexity you feel at home with and you wouldn't trade it for a thing. You take the stage, knowing the momentum of the game is in your hands now. Out perform. Out awe. And you just might give your team the boost it needs to walk away with the win. Groundbreaking music, combining original recordings with fight songs performed by the actual bands of each school and actual routines, come together to provide a truly authentic and exciting experience.

Diamonds in the Rough - That new walk-on has potential, but its up to you to sculpt his talent and give him the playing time he needs. With some good coaching, he just might be your next secret weapon.

Music - Think you know sports games? You haven't heard anything yet. BCFx combines original recordings with fight songs played by the actual school bands. After the game, enjoy more music from the bands in the 5th Quarter or head over to the jukebox to hear and download music from our constantly updated track list.

Momentum - Your team has the makings of a nice drive as it becomes imbued with the energy from the crowd and the sounds of the band. Things seem to come a bit easier as the ever-swinging momentum is in your favor …for now.

Trophy Room - Stroll through an area built for the sole purpose of admiring your accomplishments. Stare at the empty spaces, finding renewed determination for practicing harder than ever before.

And Much More - 40 officially licensed teams, mascots, play by play and commentary by Jonathan Coachman and Donal Ware.

Multiple Game Modes

Practice Mode - Refine your strategies. Sharpen your reflexes. Prepare yourself for greatness.

Online Mode - Bragging rights and more are on the line, as you play online against competitors across the map.

Classic Mode - Face your fiercest rival. Become part of a BCF tradition. Make history, as you get the opportunity to play in an actual BCF Classic Game.


A true revolution in the world of sports video games, BCFx takes full advantage of today’s most groundbreaking technology. What does this mean to the player?

*As the first ever sports title to use the Unreal 3.0 engine, BCFx features eye-popping visuals. From the grand stadiums down to the sweat filled pores of the players’ skin, its all here in vivid detail.

*With rag doll physics powering every tackle, you can be sure to witness some brutal take downs on the field.

*Motion Captured animation ensures life-like and fluid moves for the players on the field and the dancing girls on the sidelines.

*In another first for sports video games, Nerjyzed Entertainment utilizes the very program put to use by BCF band directors for years. Incorporating Pyware, the interactive halftime shows of BCFx will have the same authenticity and energy that has made this world of sports so unique and unforgettable.

Master P is getting into the gaming world with "Play the Industry," an entertainment industry-themed video game that will allow players to climb the ranks of stardom as an athlete, hip-hop artist, or entertainment broker.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Master P's P.Miller Enterprises has teamed with actor Seth Green and partner Matthew Senreich's Stoopid Monkey Productions ("Robot Chicken") as well as Shadow MachineFilms ("Moral Orel") to develop the new game.

Master P originally approached ShadowMachine principals Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico with the concept for "Play the Industry." Campodonico said they were immediately interested in working with P, who he considers to be extremely innovative.

"Master P is at the forefront of so many new things, including putting out new 'clean' albums that are not derogatory and don't have cursing and that sort of stuff," Campodonico said.

It hasn't yet been decided whether "Play the Industry" will be disc-based or online-only, but Senreich has likened the 3-D game to the Electronic Arts favorite "The Sims."

"You can play agent, you can play mogul, you play all sorts of different characters," Senreich said.

Still in its early stages, Stoopid Monkey and ShadowMachine are currently working on a script for the game while they line up financing for the project. With plans to secure a developer within the next few months, the partners hope to release "Play the Industry," by late 2009.

"We really want to take the time and make sure we do this right," Senreich added. "But the good thing we have going into this is we are developing the creative ahead of time, and we're very close to having that up and running."

While the "Play the Industry" game is the first goal, the partners are hoping to eventually bring the concept to other platforms, including a motion picture, reality television show and clothing line.

If industry trends are any indication, "Play the Industry" can expect a good response from gamers. There are a number of successful hip-hop games currently on the market including "Def Jam: Vendetta" and "50 Cent: Bulletproof."