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I apologize for the lack of posts this weekend, I was busy setting up one a new project of mine, which I will get into more detail about in just a minute.

But first off there are some changes being made to the blog. I didn't like the way the blog looked before. It had a very unorganized feel to it which really bothered me, so I'm changing the template and re-arranging different items on the blog.

Secondly I'm adding a couple of mini games on the side Nav bar. I found a pretty cool site, , which has many different widgets including a few mini games so I decided to add one or two of em to the blog.

Finally the reason I didn't have time to post much this weekend was because of the project I was working on. This project is an arcade for facebook. Currently the name is Facebook Arcade, but facebook isn't liking me using the word "facebook" so that's probably going to change sometime soon.

But I would really appreciate it if all of you who do use facebook would add my application.

The link is

Currently there's 12 games on there, but sometime this week I will be adding 5+ more and I will be changing the layout of the whole thing. And as always criticism is greatly appreciated, so if you have any comments or suggestions let me know!