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I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a facebook application. Since then my application has now reached 22 users, and I have also added 12 more games!

Oldschool Arcade Application

Currently the games on my arcade application include:
-Space Invader
-Moon Patrol
-Burger Time
...and more

I'd greatly appreciate everyone's support, so if you haven't added the application yet add it!

Oldschool Arcade Application

Life Imitates Games

Posted by William On 0 comments

I always love it when network television uses video gaming as a plot device. Take this past week's episode of NBC's Life, for instance.

Life is a cop show featuring a quirky police detective who just got out of prison after 14 or so years after being framed for a murder he didn't commit. It's an excellent show most of the time, I promise.

Last week's show revolved around a family of Persians (not the cats) whose son had been kidnapped and ransomed for some drug money. When they searched the son's computer they found reference to a file called 'Farah Level 10', but couldn't find the file.

The crafty detective Charlie Crews then brings in the son's Xbox, which boots up Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. What follows is a montage of the game, complete with fake titles like the one seen above. When they finally get to level 10? A spreadsheet opens! AHA! Now I'm going to have to take all my drug money spreadsheets off of my Xbox. Damn TV writers.

For those of you who didn't get in on the deal, there were free God of War demo's being given away starting a few months ago. I'm not fully sure if this deal is still going on or not, but we just recently received our copy.

I personally was amazed by the demo. The graphics and the gameplay were both equally amazing, and I was surprised at how long the demo seemed.

But since we've beaten the demo, there's not really any reason for us to keep it, so we are giving away our copy of the demo, plus the little collector's item that came with it to one lucky reader. So if you didn't get a copy of the demo when it was being given away before, here's your chance to get it now.

Just leave a comment to this thread with your email, and one person will be chosen at random.